Cleary Heights Subdivision is a unique community of single family homes.  It was the desire and intent of the original developers to make this area an attractive place for purposes of residence, rest and recreation.  To reach that goal, Protective Covenants were filed in the office of the Rankin County Chancery Clerk.  The owners of residences and lots within the Cleary Heights Subdivision are members of the Cleary Heights Homeowners Association, Inc., a Mississippi nonprofit and non-share corporation.  The “Association” is governed by a nine-member volunteer Board of Directors that is elected by the members of the Association during the Annual Meeting each February.  Regular meetings of the Board of Directors are held in the office of the Association on the first Monday of each month.  Within the Board of Directors are three committees: Administration & Finance, Maintenance, and Safety & Security.  Each committee consists of three board members.  In the management and administration of the Association’s affairs, the Board of Directors shall have power, authority and duty to do the following:

  • Regulate the use and provide for the maintenance and improvement of the streets, lakes and common areas within the subdivisions.
  • Do all things reasonably necessary to provide for the protection of the health and welfare of the property owners and their guests and to insure the attractive appearance of all said areas.
  • Provide for and regulate the use of: garbage and waste disposal; fences; and firearms as defined in the By-laws of the Association.
  • Make reasonable regulations for protection against fire and other hazards.
  • Do all things reasonably necessary to preserve the privacy of property owners and their guests, including but not limited to regulating the entrances from the public roads.
  • Enforce, or cause to be enforced, any and all protective covenants.
  • Receive and make appropriate response to grievances of property owners.
  • Adopt and enforce reasonable rules and regulations as to the powers granted.